About The Young Earth

The question of the age of the earth is much more important than most people realize.  In many peoples opinion, including mine, one cannot rectify the billions of years as taught by modern science with the Bible.  The two systems are water and oil.  If the earth is as old as we are taught, then scripture is not truth.  It’s that simple.  That may sound harsh, but the two really don’t mix.

Now please keep in mind that if you hold to an old earth belief system, this does NOT AFFECT your salvation.  But in my opinion, you are missing out on rich blessings that God’s Word can be completely trusted in all areas.

The good news is that there is plenty of evidence that supports that earth is, in fact, quite young-around 10,000 years. Yes man walked with the Dinosaurs…

We all have the same data, i.e. fossils, it’s how you interpret that data that matters. But its more than that.  There is some serious evidence that history is exactly as the Bible tells us it is.

This is the point of this blog, to showcase amazing evidence and that you can trust your Bible.  Amazing evidence that shows that world and the Bible are in perfect agreement.  There are still lots of questions, but you can trust your Bible in matters of science and real history.

Your journey begins now…

One thought on “About The Young Earth

  1. Your website is brilliantly designed to lead all truth seekers to answers regarding difficult subjects. I was astounded at the abundance of verifiable documentation which is available on the Internet, yet is kept hidden from the general public for the purpose of keeping them ignorant of evidence which disputes Old Earth advocacy.

    I am in total agreement that the Theory of Evolution undermines the veracity of God’s Holy Word. For if Scripture is mistaken as to origins, perhaps it is mistaken regarding salvation.

    May God continue to bless your efforts to inform others, while defending the honor of our God who cannot lie.


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