The Great Dying

Doing a little reading on sharks tonight for an upcoming post

Stumbled on this statement from here…storic-sharks/

>>>About 250 million years ago, life on Earth was flourishing … and then suddenly, what came to be known as the “Great Dying” occurred, wiping out roughly nine in 10 marine species and seven in 10 land species. Plants, insects, microbes, proto-mammals, fish — nothing was spared. While the cause is of the event is still unknown (although scientists think it was likely due to volcanic activity or climate change), what’s much more certain is that life on Earth nearly came to an END.<<

Ummm…what’s this sound like? [ a flood maybe? ] Things that make you go

From the same web site ( Discovery- Shark Week ) we find this little jewel of data on how we find shark fossils. To be honest I was shocked to read such a silly and clearly illogical statement, especially from a “mainstream” source, but I suppose it really should not surprise me.

What makes more sense to you? These sharks were RAPIDLY buried is a slurry of sediment, thus leaving an “impression” in the rock, or ( my emphasis )


Paleontologists study fossilized bones to learn how creatures evolved. But sharks don’t have bones; they have cartilage, which dissolves quickly in ocean water. Luckily, after some sharks died, their bodies lay on rocks, leaving a fossilized impression on the rocks. Studying these gives good clues about shark evolution.<<<


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