Soft Tissue Dinosaur Research Institute

A little more of mark and his ( hopefully soon ) “Soft Tissue Dinosaur Research Institute.”


Here’s an interesting video ( it’s a bit choppy and fast paced, ready your pause button ) with a bit more information about the now raging debate now surrounding the soft tissue discoveries. Of course EV’s could not sit back and let these discoveries be what they actually are -proof that “dinosaurs” lived and walked the earth not long ago. No, heaven forbid.

They have instead come up with elaborate explanations to explain away the soft tissue ( which are farcical at best, but I do give credit for trying, after all, their worldview must be protected at all costs )

When one factors in all the other evidence that man walked with dinaours, the legends, carvings, living fossil evidence, Biblical suppport etc.. the most logical position is that these creatures walked with Adam.

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