Whats Really in the Fossil Record?

A global Flood fits nicely with the data in the field.

*What Do We Find in the Fossil Record?

The first issue to consider is what we actually find in the fossil record.

  • ~95% of all fossils are shallow marine organisms, such as corals and shellfish.
  • ~95% of the remaining 5% are algae and plants.
  • ~95% of the remaining 0.25% are invertebrates, including insects.
  • The remaining 0.0125% are vertebrates, mostly fish. (95% of land vertebrates consist of less than one bone, and 95% of mammal fossils are from the Ice Age after the Flood.)1

The number of dinosaur fossils is actually relatively small, compared to other types of creatures. Since the Flood was a marine catastrophe, we would expect marine fossils to be dominant in the fossil record. And that is the case.
Vertebrates are not as common as other types of life-forms. This makes sense of these percentages and helps us understand why vertebrates, including dinosaurs, are so rare and even overwhelmed by marine organisms in the record.
Yet that still does not explain why there are no fossilized humans in Flood sediments.

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