Some of us think that back at “Pangea”, ( what the earth was roughly like prior to the flood) there was no high mountains like we see today. We know the mountains used to be lower [sea shells on top of mountains ]

The lost world of Adam and Noah was much different than today. As the contents split apart ( from the breaking open of the fountains of the deep ) and re crashed into each other, the ranges collided ( going up) and the ocean basins were created, ( created to hold all the new flood waters as they receded.)

Anyway I highly recommend the long version of HPT theory, if nothing else, so you can be on the same page. ( if your interested ) It’s long ( @ 2.75 hrs ) but good and rewarding. And yes, it’s a theory to interpret the data though the lens of scripture. All the same observations are differently interpreted by evolutionists and long-agers but they do not have the monopoly on the truth however, despite what they seem to portray. We say basically the whole thing happened roughly the same but faster. In end, we may be very close or still a ways off, hard to say.

The heat issue is addressed to and it’s connected to the one and only ice age that happened. Very cool connection.

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