2 Billion Years Unchanged, Bacteria Pose an Evolutionary Puzzle

2 Billion Years Unchanged, Bacteria Pose an Evolutionary Puzzle


SNIP >>>Wedged inside rocks in the deep sea off the coast of Western Australia lurks an organism that hasn’t evolved in more than 2 billion years, scientists say.
From this deep-sea location, a team of researchers collected fossilized sulfur bacteria that was 1.8 billion years old and compared it to bacteria that lived in the same region 2.3 billion years ago. Both sets of microbes were indistinguishable from modern sulfur bacteria found off the coast of Chile.<<<

SNIP >>> So how can Darwin’s theory account for these apparently non-changing bacteria? The answer comes in looking at the bacteria’s similarly stable surroundings. True, the deep-sea bacteria in this study haven’t changed for eons, but neither has their environment, Schopf said. Darwin’s theory doesn’t call for organisms to evolve unless their environment changes, so the microbes’ lack of evolution is consistent with the theory, Schopf added.<<<

So…Changes in the environment are possible triggers for changes?

Umm, where have we run across this concept before?

Post flood, the world, the ENTIRE world, had changed – drastically.

All the critters on the Ark, (that were adapted to pre-flood days) now stepped suddenly into a completely NEW world, with NEW environments, NEW challenges and NEW stresses.

Could this explain why “hyper-evolution” occurred so quickly after the Ark landed and could account for the many different creatures that we see today?

Maybe, just maybe!

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