What did Adam and Eve Look Like?

Ok, lets talk skulls and assumptions for a moment. Just thinking out loud here.

The media likes to make Adam and Eve look like something like this:

But what if Adam and Eve looked like this:

or even

We don’t know what they looked like. If all the animals have changed over the years from their “created Kinds” (we see this in micro-evolution) (Gen 1:25) Then perhaps humans have done the same? God created Adam and Eve with built-in genetic variation for many types of humans. Just look around today for all the sizes and shapes.

Most likely, humans have changed as much as animals have. Even whole sub-groups of people could have gone extinct ( neanderthals?) just as the animals have (as the giants did?)

So if we found some of these skulls today of an exotic extinct group of people what would their skulls look like?

Plus can anyone tell me what a 930 year old human skull looks like? Perhaps one or more of these? Just saying.

Many people assume many things when diving into this topic, but things might just be very different than what you have been told.

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