The Creation sequence and a Young Earth

One simple but powerful evidence that man walked with Dinosaurs that many miss or overlook is simply this.

In the Creation sequence (Gen 1) animals were made on the 6th day.

ALL the animals. Not just some.

Scripture gives no further accounts of another creation sequence of a “separate” kind of animal aka “dinosaurs”.

So man being created after this, logically would have seen all the creatures that preceded him, presumingly for naming (Gen. 2:20) This is logical and consistent with the text and also well within the realm of Gods power, no need to question it.

God created T-Rex’s, Acrocanthosaurus, Achelousaurus, Gallimimus, the Coelacanth, Racoons, Rabbits and every other creature that walked and swam on the earth.

God did and does not believe in “dinosaurs”. These are merely in the minds of men.

We clearly walked with these creatures.

* We carved caves and artefacts with their images.

* We passed down stories about “dragons” and terrifying sea creatures.

* The Bible mentions monstrous creatures.

* We have “living fossils” of the ones that survived until today.

* We have fresh tissue in multiple specimens of “fossils” that somehow survived for millions of years.

The evidence is clear…

The Man Walked with “dinosaurs”!

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