The Cambrian Explosion

The Cambrian Explosion

>>>The Cambrian explosion, or less commonly Cambrian radiation, was the relatively short evolutionary event, beginning around 542 million years ago in the Cambrian Period, during which most major animal phyla appeared, as indicated by the fossil record.<<<…ick102682.html

>>>The Cambrian Explosion is the supposed explosion of life in which only a few simple organisms immediately burst into a immense variety of more complex organisms. This was also a point in time when many organisms went extinct. The evidence and basis for this idea is that there are simpler fossils in the lower rock layers and in just a few layers above these there is a large variety of complex life forms fossilized in the higher Cambrian layers.
How could the theory of evolution explain such an impossibly fast transition of fossils in the fossil record? Could the organisms have evolved that fast? Was there more time that is not recorded between those rock layers? What could be the cause of so much change?<<<…y-perspective/

>>>Reading the Darwinist explanations for the Cambrian explosion is like watching a game of “Who’s Got the Button?” The biologists are sure the paleontologists have the reasons for this unprecedented appearance of animals in the fossil record. The paleontologists, in turn, point to the geologists for it. And the geologists rely on the opinion that the biologists have handfuls of explanatory buttons. When you inspect each one’s hands, though, they come up empty.<<<

Perhaps a sudden global flood caused a sudden global burial of an immense amount of life?…ted-explosion/

Fits the data.

Just saying

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