Soft Dino Tissues Being Found Since the 60’s

I am bringing forward what Mark Armitage said in his email. This should make you all very mad. I am.

Article: [Upon further examination of the unique specimen with a high-powered microscope Armitage discovered something that no scientist had ever seen on a dinosaur sample before soft tissue.]

Mark Armitage: {Not true – soft tissues have been seen before in dinosaur bones – even back to the 60’s!! MOSTLY, however in heavily encapsulated bones like femurs. What I discovered which was a world-first, were LARGE soft sheets of fibrillar BONE in a Triceratops HORN which was not encapsulated but rather, since it had been ripped away from the skull (no skull was present), it was WIDE OPEN to the microbes, bacteria, water, fungi, roots and mud from the Montana environment. Moreover, stunningly preserved cells that look like they died last week were found inside the horn which was not fossilized (another world-first). So three world-first discoveries were, Triceratops horn, soft fibrillar sheets, and beautifully preserved cells in such a compromised environment. }

Since the 60’s? “cells that look like they died last week”?


Nice to know that don’t you think scientific world?

Do you think the rest of the world should know this?

Should we also tell them that Genesis is completely supported by the data and extra biblical sources all over the world in every discipline?

Interesting how they ignore the more logical and plausible interpretation – completely.

No questions, no input.


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