Scientist Fired for Publishing Soft Dinosaur Tissue Find

snip >>>But a new discovery by scientist Mark Armitage of the California State University may well turn the history of human civilization upside down.

Armitage was recently on a dig in Montana when he came across the largest triceratops horn ever unearthed. Upon further examination of the unique specimen with a high-powered microscope Armitage discovered something that no scientist had ever seen on a dinosaur sample before – soft tissue.

When he published his findings his colleagues were stunned, because the existence of soft tissue, which should degrade and disappear over millions of years, suggests that dinosaurs didn’t go extinct 60 million years ago, but rather, were alive and well in North America just several thousand years ago.

One would think that such a notable discovery would lead to more research into the possibility that humans and dinosaurs may have co-existed at one point in time. But that’s far from what happened.

Armitrage’s funding was pulled, his research was silenced and his job at CSU was terminated.<<<<

Lawsuit: Christian Scientist Fired After Discovering Soft Tissue on Dinosaur Bones that Supported Creationism

– See more at:….1IXdqaK6.dpuf

Can you see how the Triceratops only looks “weird” because you have never seen one alive and that you have been told she’s old?



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