“Come now, let us reason together!” (Isaiah 1:18)

“Come now, let us reason together!” (Isaiah 1:18)

Onward….By denying a Global flood, the reality of a life saving ark filled with the land dwelling creatures and the survival of only 8 people, is calling scripture somewhat inaccurate. The text clearly lays this out. Only our modern scientific knowledge (misunderstanding of the data) leads us to see this otherwise. Global flood legends from many cultures all over the globe point us in the direction of scripture. The existence of billions of dead things buried in sedimentary rock also shows us the reality of the flood. The evidence for such an event is really profound and overwhelming when one does some digging.

“YEC’s” changing their theories (i.e to rapid changes) and conclusions to fit ever changing data is good science, why would any one criticize us for that?

As for young YEC’s be eaten alive in college and university, yes this true to a degree and a very sad! Those brave young souls are willing to stand up to a Goliath that has been completely over run with evolution dogma. Just because they get eaten alive (if they speak up) does not mean they are wrong, far from it, as we have seen the data supports them.

But of course these professors would eat them alive, as to admit to a YEC interpretation means one must also submit to a sovereign saving God. Its so good to know that there are thousands of talented scientists from all discipline all over the world who do believe in a YEC perspective. These young Christians have nothing to fear from the monster that our schools have turned into in this regard.

And I as I have said before in this thread, for many (like you) this is not an issue of salvation. For a believer in Christ, it matters not if your a YEC or an OEC…however, I know and have encountered many a person online and in person who has rejected ALL of scripture (including Jesus) based upon the destruction of Genesis.

If talking snakes, Sin worthly of Hell, magical gardens with special trees and angels, global floods, all animals in a large boat for a year with only 8 people surviving, the tower of babel and language creation are all just some kind of allegory or story that conveys some kind of deeper “truth”, then how does anyone trust anything else, like a man rising for the dead for example?

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