The Black Pyramid- Son of the Creator Comes

As I research these issues, new stuff keeps coming up, new to me anyway. Found out about this interesting item a little while back.

By posting it here on this thread, I merely do for the sake of investigation and examining and to get to the truth.

It may be exactly as presented here, hard to say. If any of you find more info one way or the other please let us know.

I am not saying this is truth, but that it might be truth. It fits perfectly if it is.

If it is the truth, then that explains why its been kept quiet.


Have you see this?

See this report. (I cannot entirety vouch for the websites here.)…the-third-eye/

or this

If this is true its a pretty amazing find. They knew about a savoir in the beginning at Gen 3:15 so it explains why so may ancient cultures have “savior” motifs…then they find this. Just saying…

EDIT: Who is Professor Schildmann?\

Kurt Schildmann (Born March 12, 1909, Died April 25, 2005, age 96) is one of the least known but among the best world linguists, etymologists, and translators. He began world traveling early in his life as a teen of 17 under the guidance of older brother Heinrich, to the middle East, India, Thailand, China, Burma and finally reaching Korea after several years. He absorbed as much of the culture and language as a bright-minded youth could. [The MES journal to be published in February of this year has his diary entries of this five-year world trip]. Returning home he studied in France, Spain and then three years in Italy.
His academic life was interrupted when the Wehrmacht desired his presence in World War II on the eastern front where he was wounded and then on the western front where in 1944 he became an American POW. Repatriated, he became an interpreter with the British occupational forces in Germany. By this time he was married and with a young son, Kurt, Jr., who accidentally drowned in Turkey in 1987.
In the 1950s he began a life career as an interpreter and translator for the new German federal government, retiring in 1974. During these years he founded in 1956 the Society of German Linguists, joined the journal ‘Synesis’ and becoming a lectorate and co-editor, and continued to travel, usually in his own house boat on the major rivers of Europe, the Mediterranean and indeed the planet, studying cultures and languages, especially the origin and relationship to other languages…

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