Do Tree Rings Prove a Old Earth?

I’ve never quite understood why people have such an opposition to a young earth and 6 day Creation. They kind of put God in a box with regards to his power as you say. I will venture to say, why did it take Him so long at 6 days? Why not all of it in a one day! (hint: patterns) Surely if He can create a universe in the first place, 6 days and relatively recently is no problem at all! The gutting of Genesis is a paramount goal of Satan… “Hath God said? (Gen 3)

Some of the confusion I think comes from People limiting Gods power. How old is this tree?

If God created this tree ex nihilo (out of nothing) does it have the appearance of age? Yes! But its only seconds old. How long does it take to make wine?

>>>Wineworks superior wines: These usually take 10-15 days to ferment, and a further week to clear. Again the wine can be drunk immediately but we recommend ageing it 4 weeks but you can leave it up to 12 months. The time you will leave it will depend very much on your stocks.<<<

Yet Jesus did it in minutes for a wedding! 2 min video (PS I am not a Mormon, but they made a good video!)


But then there is this!

Evidence for multiple ring growth per year in Bristlecone Pines


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