Changes In Creatures can Occur Quickly

Here is an interesting find. Although written from a pro-macro-evolutionary perspective, it reveals some jewels.

That being, some creatures can change and adapt quickly to new environments (I.e. after Noah’s flood.) Changes don’t alway take massive amounts of time to occur. This evidence is no surprise to the Creationist, as it makes perfect sense for God to allow miro-changes within a strict set of boundary limits.

Extrapolating these micro changes to assume macro changes (changing into completely new creatures) is bad science indeed.

Snip >>>”Evolution is usually thought of as occurring over long time periods, but it also can happen quickly. Consider a tiny fish whose transformation after the 1964 Alaskan earthquake was uncovered by University of Oregon scientists and their University of Alaska collaborators.The fish, seawater-native threespine stickleback, in just decades experienced changes in both their genes and visible external traits such as eyes, shape, color, bone size and body armor when they adapted to survive in fresh water. The earthquake — 9.2 on the Richter scale and second highest ever recorded — caused geological uplift that captured marine fish in newly formed freshwater ponds on islands in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska south of Anchorage.”

“We’ve now moved the timescale of the evolution of stickleback fish to decades, and it may even be sooner than that,” said Cresko…”

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