The Moa…

The upland moa (Megalapteryx didinus) was a species of moa bird endemic to New Zealand. A DNA analysis published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggested that the first moa appeared around 18.5 million years ago and there were at least ten species, but they were wiped from existence “in the most rapid, human-facilitated megafauna extinction documented to date.”


The Giant Moa!

Old Earth and Evolutionary Brainwashing. Have You Been Affected?

One aspect of the Young Earth Paradigm I want to briefly touch upon. I hope I explain this well. It goes to show the degree of brainwashing we all have been subjected to. It takes work to actually unscramble ones brain to “see” the truth.
Whenever we look in text books and we see pictures like these what do you think of?
They look “old” “weird” & “ancient” don’t they? It’s only because you have been told this and have not seen these creatures alive.
These creatures look old, weird and ancient to don’t they? They are not.  They are all alive today.  It’s all a matter of perspective.
The only reason you “see” these creatures as “old” and “weird” and “ancient” is because you have grown up not seeing them on a regular basis & that you have been told they are old, weird and ancient. They are not!
If I took took a young child and kept them segregated to a wildness cabin and tightly restricted what they saw, read and experienced; I could raise this child “seeing” this rhino as an “old” “weird” and “ancient” creature, but in fact it is not.
Do you see?
It’s all a matter of perspective.  Can you now see how the wool has been pulled over our eyes?
In this last picture, we know crocodiles and dinosaurs lived together, T-Rex went extinct, crocs did not.
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Not Just Another Boat…

Not just another boat.  

Yes this vessel had “Dinosaurs” onboard. In Noah’s eyes, just a bunch of animals.  

Gen 1:24  24Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth after their kind”; and it was so. 25God made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind; and God saw that it was good. 

Gen 7 1Then the LORD said to Noah, “Enter the ark, you and all your household, for you alone I have seen to berighteous before Me in this time. 2You shall take with you of every clean animal by sevens, a male and his female; and of the animals that are not clean two, a male and his female; 3also of the birds of the sky, by sevens, male and female, to keep offspring alive on the face of all the earth. 4“For after seven more days, I will send rain on the earth forty days and forty nights.



Even More Living Fossils…


More Living Fossils