Australia’s Aborigines. Did they see dinosaurs?

Australia’s Aborigines . . .

Did they see dinosaurs?


Australia’s Aboriginal heritage is rapidly being lost. Many of the Dreamtime stories still recall events from their history, up to the dispersion at Babel, such as the great Flood. 12 There are several traditions which suggest that the ancestors of today’s Aborigines may have had contact with the last few dinosaurian survivors of a rapidly drying continent. The details in the newspaper report of what seems to have been a bipedal dinosaur at Geelong last century seem hard to discount.

Apparent Dinosaur sightings by man from centuries past are legion, in the form of dragon legends around the globe. 13This magazine has previously shown photographic evidence of ancient rock drawings of dinosaurs. 14

The many Aboriginal accounts, even if only a portion of them have a basis in fact, are consistent with this pattern. Descriptions of dinosaur-like creatures are also found in the Bible (Job chapter 40).

All this is consistent with a straightforward reading of Genesis, where we read that mankind and the land animals were created together, on day Six of Creation Week. They were not separated by millions of years.


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